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Poble Sec Books was born from a desire to take control of the creative process. We are an independent publisher, offering our authors creative control over their work, and providing editorial services for businesses and authors.

See our Author Services for the specific options we offer, either in-house or outsourced to competent professionals.

Poble Sec [ᴘᴐblǝ sek], meaning “dry village” in Catalan, is the name of the district on the slopes of Montjuïc Mountain, in Barcelona, where Poble Sec Books started out. Formerly working class, the district has reinvented itself as a lively neighbourhood, thriving with restaurants, shops and community initiatives that reflect its cultural diversity. The cat in our logo is a nod at the “font del gat”, a spring on Montjuïc where generations of Barcelona residents have been coming for rest and relaxation. We also think that cats and readers go perfectly together.

The value of a journey comes from the people you meet on the road, and the path to publication is no exception. Bon voyage!

Poble Sec Books

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